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  Tieling Dongsheng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Tieling Dongsheng Petroleum Machinery Factory) is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research, manufacturing and sales service of petroleum machinery. The products mainly include whole tube pump, rod pump, special pump and all kinds of underground tools. It is China Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Corporation and China Petroleum A qualified material supplier of the industrial group company. Founded in 2000, there are 96 employees, including 16 engineering and technical personnel, with strong scientific research and technological strength. Fixed assets of 33 million yuan, covering an area of 20000 square meters, with an annual output value of nearly 50 million yuan.

The company has an annual production capacity of 3000 full bobbin tub pumps, 2000 rod pumping units and 5000 special pumps. With 82 sets of machinery manufacturing equipment and 145 kinds of special testing instruments, with the experience of designing and processing oil pump for many years, the manufacturing technology and technology of the company have been in the leading level in China. The main products include digital control double acting pump, digital control rod pump, high efficiency anti air pump, and extraction. Imported SAGD high temperature and large inclined horizontal well pump ([Phi] 160), flexible metal oil pump, multi-function anti scale pump, annular test pump, steam injection heat recovery pump, new long plunger sand pump, spiral synergistic oil pump, streamline non magnetic leakage pump, sludge drainage pump, bent oil pump, inclined oil pump, oblique oil pump, oblique. Well pump, double effect pump, oil mixing pump, multi layer metal pump, multi-functional magnetic fluid sand drainage and wax proof pump, fire drive pump, solid plunger pump, rotary wear-resisting centralizer, deoiling device, oil discharge device and so on more than 50 kinds, the product design and processing process strictly implement the API 11Ax standard.

  The company is committed to building the image of Dongsheng and creating Dongsheng brand. With the user as the focus of attention, create the maximum value for users as the business philosophy, and actively enterprising, dedicated to the cause of oil drilling and production to make greater contributions.