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"China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association Establishes and Regulates the Management Measures for Industry Statistical Work System"

Published on:

2018-10-29 09:58

In order to strengthen and standardize the statistical work of hydraulic hydraulic pneumatic seals industry, give full play to the basic functions of industry statistical information for the government and members, according to the "Management Measures for Statistics and Work of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" and the "Statue of China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association" "About" collecting, sorting, analyzing and publishing industry information; tracking and understanding the domestic and international market trends and technological progress trends of products in this industry, conducting market forecasting and forecasting, providing information services for governments, enterprises and members; Industry statistics work" requirements. Formulate this management method.

Article 1:

The industry statistical work scope referred to in these Measures covers member companies in the hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, rubber-plastic seal and mechanical and filler static sealing industries.

Article 2:

Industry statistical work tasks: comprehensively implement the national statistical work laws and regulations, combined with the actual work of the industry statistics, develop a statistical system and industry statistical work organization management system, and establish a statistical indicator system for the industry according to the index system of the China Machinery Industry Federation. Using various statistical methods, systematically, accurately and timely conduct statistical investigations on the economic development of the industry, and carry out statistical analysis on the basis of this, provide statistical analysis data to relevant state departments and members, and publish industry statistical information.

Article 3:

Industry statistics work department responsibilities:

1. Establish and improve the statistical system and statistical indicator system of the industry in accordance with the relevant national statistical department regulations and the index system of the China Machinery Industry Federation.

2. Organize member units of the industry, collect and summarize statistical data for analysis and forecasting, and complete the summary analysis of the monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the industry and the preparation of statistical special issues on time.

3. Do a good job in the construction of industry statisticians, improve and improve the industry statistical work network, and promote the use of computer networks to submit, summarize and feedback statistical data in due course.

4. Organize the annual statistical work conference of the industry on time and do a good job in training professional knowledge of statisticians.

5. Establish and manage industry statistics and statistical databases.

6. In accordance with the "Excellent Statistical Units for Hydraulic Hydraulic Pneumatic Sealing Industry and Statistical Individuals Evaluation Conditions", annual awards will be made.

7. Responsibility for confidentiality of statistical data reported by industry enterprises.

Article 4:

Member companies assume the following statistical work responsibilities:

1. According to the requirements of the statistical work department of the association, formulate the statistical work responsibilities and statistical data submission system of the unit.

2. Assist the statistical work department of the association to carry out statistical work in accordance with the law, and submit the monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports and relevant statistical data of the unit in a true, accurate, complete and timely manner.

3. Conduct statistical analysis on the economic operation and operation and development of the unit, and submit brief statistical analysis on a quarterly basis.

4. Responsible for the confidentiality of industry statistics.

The fifth:

The industry statistics and statistical information implement the principle of exchange and sharing. The statistical work department of the association implements online hierarchical reading according to the integrity authorization of the statistical data submitted by each unit.

Article 6:

Industry statistics work organization system

Statistical Working Group:

Team leader: Department of Statistics Work of the Association Secretariat

Deputy leader: standing director unit, professional branch secretariat, local association

Member: All members

Article 7:

Statistical reporting unit and requirements

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