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2013 PTC exhibition successfully held

Published on:

2018-08-27 09:41

The exhibition spanned 10 exhibition halls, with a record scale of 96,000 square meters. The total number of exhibitors exceeded 1,500. The leading companies at home and abroad were present. The four-day exhibition attracted 77,067 professional visitors from more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Compared with the previous session, it increased by 12.5%, including 2,839 overseas visitors, an increase of 16.5%.

International pavilions composed of more than 20 countries and regions including Germany, Italy, South Korea, the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Turkey and Taiwan participated in the exhibition. Domestic exhibitors also participated in many regional pavilions.

In order to promote the technological advancement of the fluid transmission industry, the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, as the organizer of the exhibition, once again organized the “High-tech Achievements Exhibition Area”. The exhibition area is composed of “Innovation Achievements Exhibition Area”, “University Exhibition Area” and “Technical Lecture Area”. The exhibition area has attracted the attention of the industry and has become the biggest highlight of this exhibition.

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