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The Association held the industry work conference and the 7th member representative conference of the association

The meeting invited Academician Lu Yongxiang to make an important report on the future development of China's fluid power industry; invited the relevant leaders of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to make a special report on the development and role of industry associations.

The meeting elected the seventh council of the association of 165 units. At the seventh council of the Association, a standing council of 51 units (persons) was elected. Elected a new leadership group: Chairman Li Li, Vice Chairman Wang Chunle, Cong Liming, Li Jiang, Li Wei, Guo Hongling, Ji Suchun, Cheng Xiaoxia, Ge Zhiwei, Lu Bo, Liao Xiansheng, Pan Jun 11 people. Raise the appointment of Rao Tao as the Secretary-General. Employed Lu Yongxiang as the honorary chairman and hired Sha Baosen as the honorary chairman. On behalf of the 7th Council, Chairman Li Li appointed 40 industry experts as members of the 7th Council Expert Committee.

Previously, the four professional branches of hydraulic, pneumatic, rubber and plastic sealing, mechanical and packing static sealing, successively held the member representative assembly to implement the new session, elected a new session of the council and the branch, vice president, deputy secretary general.