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Industry backbone hydraulic hydraulic pneumatic enterprise and Zhongding seal for production and demand docking

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2018-10-29 09:52

In order to implement the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the hydraulic and pneumatic sealing industry and promote the strong foundation project, according to the spirit of the industry enterprises and the spirit of the national leaders on “our own rice bowls should be loaded with their own food”, China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry According to the key work plan requirements of the association, the association relies on the leading company of rubber and plastic sealing, Zhongding Seal Group, to bring together the backbone of hydraulic, hydraulic and pneumatic industries. On August 26, 2013, the company organized “Hydraulic and Liquid” in Ningguo City, Anhui Province. The high-end products of the force and pneumatic industry and the production and demand matchmaking of Zhongding seals."

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zeng Guangshang, Liu Tao, Director of the Machinery Division of the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the leaders of the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association and related experts and representatives from the hydraulic, hydraulic and pneumatic industry companies attended the matchmaking meeting.

Participants visited and inspected the production and testing sites of Zhongding Company. The meeting organized the hydraulic hydraulic and pneumatic industry enterprise group to dock with Zhongding Company, and raised questions and suggestions on technologies, processes and materials that were of common concern. Zhongding Sealing Co., Ltd. answered questions on the spot, and the atmosphere of docking and exchange was active. The joint efforts to build a tackling platform became the common expectation of both parties. The successful holding of the production and demand matchmaking meeting is of great significance to the integration of production and demand in the industry, and to promote the connection between production and demand of liquid and gas tight products and the host industry.

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