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Lifting oil drain

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In the operation of the oil well, it is used to connect the oil pipe and the casing passage, and the liquid in the oil pipe is discharged into the well to make it out.

There is no well fluid in the tubing string to improve wellhead operating conditions and reduce wellsite pollution.


It is mainly composed of a tie rod, a body, a claw spring, a shear sleeve, a drain cap and the like.

working principle:

The shear sleeve, the drain cap and the pressure cap mounted on the body are mounted on the oil pipe at a certain position on the pump with the body;

The claw spring and the nut on the rod go down the well with the sucker rod, and the claw spring is reduced in diameter to the body position, and the connecting rod assembly passes through the body. When checking the pump operation, lift the sucker rod. When the lower end of the pull rod drives the claw spring to the position of the body, the cutter sleeve is driven upwards, the oil drain cap is cut, the oil pipe is connected with the casing, and the crude oil in the oil pipe is discharged into the casing.